MAGNETOTHERAPY DIMAP is the equipment produced in the Czech Republic and sold in a number of EU countries and in the countries of Eastern Europe. The equipment DIMAP consists of the control unit and of exchangeable therapeutic applicators. The microprocessor control unit generates the time-tested application sequences DIMAP, used in the everyday practice in hospitals, spas and rehabilitation centres.

  • DIMAP magnetotherapy set is tailor-made for you, according to your specific requirements and individual needs.
  • To determine the price of tailor-made set, we need to know your situation - for what kind of application should the magnetotherapy be determined and in which environment will the magnetotherapy be performed (medical facilities, hotels, spas, home-use ...)
  • We offer consulting and counseling - our professionally trained staff with many years of experiences in the field will help you to choose the right product for you and they will prepare a quotation.
  • Payments - EUR, CZK (Czech crown)
  • Contact for demands, requests, orders: info@dimap.cz




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