No being can exist without magnetic earth force!
This is well known for thousands of years, but the best proof was rendered by the space research. When the cosmonauts suffered from serious health problems after the first flights, the specialists spoke about the " cosmic disease". The hypothesis, that the disease is caused by the fact that the spaceship does not accept magnetic field of the Earth, was correct. The problem is solved since NASA has installed magnetic field generators, generating artificial magnetic field, into the spaceships.


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How is magnetic field related to our health?
A cell is the origin of every living being. it is the foundation stone. The life starts by the unicellular formation. Millions of cells are renewed every second in the human being. The necrotic cell transfers the genetic information to its successor. Cell grown and function is controlled by electromagnetic vibrations. Damage of the said information leads to severe damage of the cells - disease. The said impairment is usually consequence of lack of the magnetic power. The impaired control system of the cell can be compensated by inductive effects of the magnetic field. The magnetic field affects only and exclusively impaired/damaged control system and occurred unbalance. Harmful adverse effects are absolutely excluded by applied magnetotherapy. Function of the magnetic field is manifested as improvement of the reaction and response ability of the organism. Magnetism means the live energy, representing a real drive for the natural forces important for our life by the biological method. A leading anatomist, Rudolf Virchow, has founded the "Cellular Pathology" - the theory according to which all diseases result from impaired  body cells and/or their function. Paracelsus told literally: "He, who uses magnet, establishes soon he is unable to manage a number of diseases without it". Metabolism in the cell is possible only by the so called ion exchange. Ions are neither bodies nor formations but a pure generated energy. Ions comprise elementary particles of the most different kind. They generate energy (orbital energy) by their specific movement. The energy, generated by the least known particles, can be compared with vibrations. The very base of all effects can most probably be found here. Thanks to the Kirlian photograph the energy is caught and documented on photographic plates. A group of bio physicians of the Marburg University, led by Dr. Popp, have constructed the device with help of which the least irradiation of cells and cellular formations can be measured. Each inanimate object irradiates energy. Measurements of cellular membrane function and/or frequency has revealed that the intensity of cell vibrations drops with severity of the disease. Energy of cells and thus the force of membrane resistance is lost. The supplied vibrations support the energetically unwell cell. They bring it back to the correct frequency. This natural procedure does not load the body anyhow.  It is a natural biological method.  This magnetic energy is the original energy, It it contained in everything, in every cell, every  molecule.


  • Supports clarification of lymphatic paths
  • Regenerates and kneads/massages depth tissues
  • Compensates capillary return
  • Increases oxygen supply
  • Contributes to vasodilatation
  • Accelerates blood circulation
  • Supports cell division
  • Reinforces own immunity system
  • Supports creation of bone collagen 
  • Contributes to healthy sleep
  • Stabilizes content of hemoglobin in blood
  • Palliates pains
  • Stimulates metabolism

Characteristic features of our civilization:

  • Immoderate and incorrect fare , i.e. bad eating habits
  • Immoderate drinking of spirits
  • Smoking (nicotine) 
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poisonous substances in the environment
  • Spurious magnetic fields
  • Stress situation at work and in the private life
  • Loss of the bases of  the mental existence


  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Heart attack
  • Indigestion
  • Obesity
  • Arthrosis
  • Allergies 
  • Rheumatic diseases
  • Sensitivity to infective diseases
  • Degenerative diseases  of the locomotor apparatus
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Fear and neuroses
  • Depressions and psychoses
  • Aggression 
  • Tumours and cancer

The man of our days is asked to adopt the following protective measures:

  • Healthy nourishment
  • Active exercise
  • Elimination of stress 
  • Reduced consumption of nicotine, caffeine and spirits
  • Application of magnetic field


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