• We are Czech manufacturing company for production of pulse magnetotherapy
  • We are here for you since 1990
  • Now, we are one of front producers of pulse magnetotherapy in Czech republic and Europe.
  • Certifikates proving quality of production DIMAP are ČSN EN ISO 13485.
  • We produce magnetotherapy devices for professionals and for home use
  • We offer the most powerful devices on the market with frequency range up to 200Hz!
  • The devices have a pulse wave - alternating frequencies to ensure maximum treatment effect
  • The targeted pulse field of devices DIMAP ensures directed distribution of energy in the tissue
  • The devices has adjustable programs, times, intensities - they adapt to your needs
  • Memory in case of power failure saving all settings and you can continue treatment
  • System of protection against overload, short circuit, overheating, static electricity, network outages
  • Acoustic signaling of treatment termination
  • MAP
  • Magnetotherapy is a safe and non-addictive treatment
  • Possibility of long-term use without side effects
  • Magnetotherapy widens blood vessels, relaxes smooth muscles, reduces pain and accelerates healing
  • Magnetotherapy will also help you with inflammation, swelling and is suitable for muscle relaxation
  • The possibilities of use are extensive

  • Reliability of devices proven by long-term manufacturers practice 
  • Wide range of devices and applicators
  • Device easy to operate
  • Clear and easy to read instruction manuals
  • Table of programs for specific difficulties
  • High devices life
  • High emphasis is placed on the quality of components used for production
  • Option to purchase any accessories - applicators


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